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Election Day in Potsdam

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Keine Stille nach dem Schuss

von Trotta discusses Brandstifter Schlöndorff discusses Deutschland im Herbst

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The campaign in Heidelberg

It wouldn’t be a college town without the MLPD.

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Mannheim’s contribution to the AfD

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Die Partei

An ex-coworker joked he was going to vote for Die Partei. He voted FDP instead.

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Luisenpark, Mannheim

The Germans take their laughing seriously.

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Vote Martin!

Obviously a working class hero, but by then I’d had a few beers.

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Der Wasserturm, Mannheim

Thirty-seventh anniversary of Plowshares 8.

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Ramstein September 2017

Oskar Lafontaine

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St. Hedwig’s

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Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus

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