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The definition of ‘resistance’ deployed at the start of their work by the team of archivists from the Bavarian State Archives involved in the project clearly indicates this widening and new emphasis: ‘Resistance is understood as every form of active … Weiterlesen

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Americans and Germans Differ in Their Views of Each Other and the World

Pew Research Center: On the core question of relations between the U.S. and Germany, publics in each country sharply diverge in their evaluations. Americans, for the most part, are quite keen on the current state of relations, with three-quarters saying … Weiterlesen

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Allein reicht das nicht

Spiegel: Ströbele: Rudi Dutschke wollte den „Marsch durch die Institutionen” versuchen. Ich auch. Weil wir uns nämlich irgendwann gesagt haben: Allein das ewige Demonstrieren, das Blockieren der Raketenstützpunkte und das Rütteln am Zaun, das allein reicht nicht. SPIEGEL: Denken Sie noch … Weiterlesen

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Bombing of Tokyo (10 March 1945)

Wikipedia: More than 90,000 and possibly over 100,000 Japanese, mostly civilians, were killed and one million left homeless, making it the most destructive single air attack of World War II. … There has been a long-running debate over the morality of … Weiterlesen

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