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Fascism, Communism, whatever

21. (SBU) According to Aleksandr Dugin, a friend of Limonov, the name of the party made no difference to Limonov. „He wanted to call it ‚National Socialism,‘ ‚National Fascism,‘ ‚National Communism‘ – whatever. Ideology was never his thing. The scream … Weiterlesen

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The woman’s role

Dugin leaned over and said: ‘Eduard, your task as a warrior and kshatriya is to lead people; and I am but a priest, magician, Merlin, I have a woman’s role to explain and console.’ In fact, the party was arguably … Weiterlesen

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The events of September–October 1993 would lead to armed conflict in the centre of Moscow, the worst fighting there since 1917, and very nearly to full-scale civil war. The motives and behaviour of both sides remain extremely puzzling to this … Weiterlesen

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Andreas Ross, FAZ: In der Konfrontation gegen eine erschütternd große Gruppe verhärteter Rechtsradikaler und eine noch größere Gruppe von Unzufriedenen in deren Windschatten hat Macron sein Heil nicht in taktischer Europaskepsis gesucht, wie es so viele europäische Politiker in ähnlicher … Weiterlesen

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