This is part of a complex used by the Nazis and then the Soviets for vehicle testing.

Trees are growing right through the asphalt.

I tried to imagine the forces necessary to smash this. This steel is like 20cm thick.

The Gut has seen more economically robust times. A docent said after the Soviets left it was years before the area started to recover.

The longer range was for weapons firing up to 12km, the shorter to 7.5km. The rocket test stand area another visitor and I went looking for is in the lower right, to the left of the red dot.

Troops came down on the train from Schönefeld for exercises.

The red stripes are on the base of a streetlamp.

If you look carefully you’ll see the diagonal of a streetlamp in the tops of the trees.

The base is completely flat, making this rectangular hill pretty noticeable. I’d guess it was a storage bunker, but I didn’t go traipsing through the underbrush looking for the entrance.

Moss is growing atop the pavement.

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