Russia’s only goal is Ukraine’s total capitulation
Russia has received another alarming signal during the ongoing military operation. … Russia needs Ukraine to capitulate.

Ukraine’s drone attack in Bryansk, Russia, became the last straw.

The distance from Bryansk to Moscow is about 350 kilometers. People’s trust in the authorities depends on the ability of the authorities to defend Russian cities and civilian population.

Russia’s only goal now is Zelensky’s capitulation

Russia needs to urgently proceed to the third stage of the special military operation. The third phase includes taking control over Kyiv, the Kyiv command centre and Western Ukraine.

Russia may officially declare war on Ukraine after the attacks on the Russian territory.


The fratricidal war of the Slavic peoples of Russia and Ukraine was planned by American strategists long before it began. This war was as a possibility, then as a prospect. And now it’s a fait accompli.

US politicians have long used the principle of „Divide and Conquer“ as a time-tested way to control and manage geopolitical processes. A manifestation of this principle is the revival of nationalism, religious and/or confessional strife. The rise of nationalist sentiments took place in every country of the post-Soviet space, including Russia. In the United States, this was called the growth of national consciousness and the emergence of the foundations of democracy. Democracy has always been a screen to cover true intentions to rule the world. Democratic processes have always been financed by bribing the ruling elite of the country.

During the Orange Revolution of 2004, a mobilization strategy was tested, when many so-called „centuries“ organized their troops to Kyiv. As a result of a well-organized public confrontation, a third round of elections was called. Yushchenko won that round.
Similarly, as a result of riots, Adolf Hitler came to power in January 1933.

By 2014, the efforts of the United States and Western countries began to bear fruit. A whole generation has grown up in the country, brought up on the ideas of Ukraine’s exclusivity and its special historical mission to resist the imaginary expansion of Russia.

Where was Russia all these years? The country was engaged in privatization, division and redistribution of property inherited from the USSR. We were in a hurry to make money. Now we are losing that money in the war.

By 2024, spiritual degradation will end in Russia. For many, it is already increasingly clear that the country can no longer exist as a freaky copy of the United States. Together we will have to create a moral support, a system of values, moral coordinates and standards against which we could measure our thoughts and actions.

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