Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy:

For the last 36 years, since the advent into power of Ronald Reagan, public education and the public school system has been gutted. It’s criminal that we’ve seen how two whole generations have grown up with shamefully limited understanding of the world, history and geography. People in this country now have great difficulty in critical thinking and being able to express themselves.

The public mind has been shattered, fragmented.

Remember reading Macy’s book in the 80s, in the slide into darkness that was the Reagan Administration. Giroux’s got another piece analyzing US destitute thinking on His hope placed in women’s marches, or Hedges’ calling for protesters to “make America ungovernable” remind me of Jacobin Magazine’s article on the”general strike” coming up, in which those “who can do so without being fired” should go on strike. I think people in this country now have great difficulty in critical thinking.


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