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IP addresses don’t lie, or, An intriguing question

Guardian: The prosecutors said the filesharing site had confirmed to the FBI that the account which posted the material was registered from an IP address – an identifier for devices connected to the internet – in Russia. My domain is … Weiterlesen

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‚American Dying‘ cooled Earth’s climate

BBC: Colonisation of the Americas at the end of the 15th Century killed so many people, it disturbed Earth’s climate. That’s the conclusion of scientists from University College London, UK. The team says the disruption that followed European settlement led … Weiterlesen

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The far, far left and the silent majority

Billionaire Howard Schultz: “The Democratic party is shifting far, far left. Those two extremes, far left, far right do not represent the silent majority of Americans.” Guardian: So far, the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has charged 34 people, including several close … Weiterlesen

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Weed is legal

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American Dictator

Washington Post: Conservative actor and economist Ben Stein compared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong on Tuesday, claiming that the freshman congresswoman’s policies “invariably lead to bad things.” “It led to mass murder, it … Weiterlesen

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The waitresses‘ uniforms seem uncomfortable, or at least chilly, the entirely male clientele almost wholly overweight. My very pleasant server is majoring in Anthropology at my mother’s Ivy League alma mater. Next is a Ph.D. and then hopefully a job … Weiterlesen

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Literate discussion of Brexit

Patrick Cockburn: …words and phrases such as “deprivation” and “lack of qualifications” do not quite prepare one for the fact that this means hungry children and illiterate parents. It is a shock to find that in Canterbury, where St Augustine came to convert … Weiterlesen

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Britain’s hard lot

On December 5, Churchill telegraphed the British military commander in Athens, General Ronald Scobie: “Do not, however, hesitate to act as if you were in a conquered city where a local rebellion is in progress. . . . [W]e have … Weiterlesen

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Ist das ein Mensch?

Guardian: “The whole thing felt like Game of Thrones, but with the characters from Veep,” writes Sims, an Alabaman who joined the Trump campaign as co-host of a Facebook live program run by the campaign. This sentence gnawed at me … Weiterlesen

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Marie Kondo kann uns nicht helfen

taz: Doch so schön die gelösten privaten Konflikte auch sind, die allem zugrunde­liegende gesellschaftliche Katastrophe wird nicht thematisiert: das absurde Konsum­verhalten des Menschen im Spätkapitalismus. Die Reflexion dessen, welche Rolle das Kaufen spielt – für den einzelnen Menschen, aber auch … Weiterlesen

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A curious broadside from Bernie Sanders is aimed at whom, exactly?

The Guardian today printed a piece by Bernie Sanders with the title „Trump’s economy is great for billionaires, not for working people“ the first two-thirds of which is an attack on the Trump administration’s huge diversion of wealth to the … Weiterlesen

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Largest defeat for a sitting government in history

BBC: European Council President Donald Tusk has suggested that the UK should stay in the EU, after the prime minister’s Brexit deal was rejected in parliament. „If a deal is impossible, and no one wants no deal, then who will … Weiterlesen

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