The far, far left and the silent majority

Billionaire Howard Schultz:

“The Democratic party is shifting far, far left. Those two extremes, far left, far right do not represent the silent majority of Americans.”


So far, the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has charged 34 people, including several close to the president. But he has yet to accuse anyone close to the Trump campaign of conspiring with the Kremlin to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Trump win the election.

I remember Spiro Agnew’s May 1969 „America’s silent majority is bewildered by irrational protest…“ speech. Classroom discussion in those days was informed in about equal parts by the Phila­delphia Inquirer, the Evening Bulletin, Life, and Mad Magazine. In 1969 what America thought of as the far left had at the Democratic Convention in Chicago seen the veil lifted from a bankrupt political system, and called for a return to Chicago in the Days of Rage. In today’s America the far left calls for subsidized health care and college tuition. The silent majority seems to remain bewildered.

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