Cross Mountain

Originally I had planned to climb this, until I saw it and realized how much time and effort it would take. I stood next to a dumpster on the sidewalk and looked at the cross for a while, just in case it appeared and disappeared, flashed, changed colors, etc., all variously reported and investigated by both the medical and priestly professions. The sun is said to spin and/or change colors here if you look at it – if you look directly into the sun – which was tempting to investigate, but I decided life is richer if some questions remain unanswered.

When I long ago cycled along Loch Ness I had honestly looked for the monster. Then again, when I cycled along Loch Ness I was 16, was reading the Trilogy of the Rings, and it hadn’t been too long before that I’d been smoking a fair amount of pot and dropping acid. Today minus the pot and acid I looked at the cross not really expecting any strange phenomena, and was not disappointed. Could it be because I’d driven to the pilgrim’s parking lot with Led Zeppelin I on the car’s tricked-out sound system and the sun roof open? God apparently knows these things. That’s o.k. I hadn’t seen the Loch Ness Monster either.

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