“GoPro, announce my presence!”

“[unintelligible], start recording!” catches my ear. I notice a young American couple. She’s in short shorts, he’s got cargo shorts. With the portable tripod collapsed to a wand perhaps eight inches in length, the blob atop it appears like a bulky 1950s microphone. I look around for more Americans: who did she give an instruction to? Why is she holding that microphone? Are they shooting a film? Is there a camera crew nearby? Then it comes again: “GoPro start recording!”

This woman is walking down a busy city street loudly giving instructions to her camera. I have not witnessed this before. I think I am thankful to have not witnessed this before. I muse: what happens when there are several of these people? What happens when there is a group? It’s a patriotic act of a sort, I suppose. A showing of the American flag for the benefit of the blind.

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