AL Fürstenstein

Schloß Fürstenstein is a baroque castle which was part of the Riese complex. Some of this you might not believe if you saw it in Indiana Jones or some other movie, or Doom or such computer game. Because the majority of tourists come for the richness of the baroque castle experience the Nazi tunnel aspect is an adjunct to that, next to the nice restaurant, café, gift shops. I had to ask a number of people before I found someone who spoke English or German, and he expected I was looking for Gross-Rosen and was ready to give me directions there. I said no, I was looking for the concentration camp at Fürstenstein. He said that’s gone, it’s been demolished, there’s only a plaque there now, if I want to see a concentration camp I needed to go to Gross-Rosen. When I made it clear I was interested in seeing the plaque he very nicely gave me directions. It’s easy to find he said, it’s right next to the bus parking. And so it is, with no indications anywhere that the plaque is there, or that the bus parking, drives, paths, are all where a concentration camp had been located. The plaque is easy to find, but only if you are looking for it.

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