“I mean this is so shocking that you don’t know how to describe it. Germany can’t help Greece: but Cuba can help European countries.

“Just as when you see thousands of people dying in the Mediterranean, fleeing from countries Europe has devastated for centuries and being sent to their deaths in the Mediterranean, you don’t know what words to use.

“The civilisational crisis in the West at this point is devastating to think about. And it does bring up childhood memories of listening to Hitler raving on the radio to raucous crowds adoring him at the Nuremberg rallies.

“One begins to wonder if the species is even viable.”

Our only hope for overcoming these crises is to expand democracy, Chomsky said.

“If we’re leaving our fate to sociopathic buffoons, we’re finished.

“An informed, engaged, involved public taking control of their fate — if that doesn’t happen, we’re doomed.“

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