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Interview with Chess Grandmaster Daniil Dubov

DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Dubov, you are one of the 44 Russian chess players who, in an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the beginning of March, called for an end to the war of aggression on Ukraine. Why … Weiterlesen

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Schärfere Sanktionen

Die Zeit: Annalena Baerbock kündigt schärfere Sanktionen gegen Russland an It’s April 3.

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Кони Привередливые

Владимир Высоцкий

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Sergey Karaganov: For 25 years, people like myself have been saying that if Nato and Western alliances expand beyond certain red lines, especially into Ukraine, there will be a war. I envisioned that scenario as far back as 1997. In … Weiterlesen

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